Welcome to

D'Autray Regional County Municipality

One of the most scenic regions in Quebec, Canada

Welcome to D’Autray Regional County Municipality

This regional county is made up of 15 municipalities and covers an area of more than 1240 square kilometers. Some of these include; Lavaltrie (at the western end of D’Autray), St. Nobert and Mandeville which stretches out north.

Interesting Facts About D’Autray

A UNESCO Reserve Site

The magnificent Lake Saint Pierre is home to a total of 103 islands which form a labyrinth of land and water.

Oldest Travel Routes

D’Autray has two transport routes that are the oldest in the whole of Canada and Northern America.

Home To Many Artists

Behind the scenic beauty, nature trails and agricultural landscape lies a community of several artists

Wide Range Of Bird Species

The D’Autray region has a wide range of animal and plant species thanks to the Lake Sainte Pierre labyrinth.

Annual Events That Attract Tourists And Their Significance

Recent News From The Region

Points Of Interests Around D'Autray

Culture, arts, nature, and agriculture define the D’Autray region.

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About Us

We are a group of nature enthusiasts who have lived in the D’Autray region for more than a decade. We are always enthusiastic whenever we meet people who are interested in our region and the charm that comes with it. That is why we decided to detail the wonders of the D’Autray region and what you stand to benefit when you visit this natural paradise.

Our mission is to grow the economies of the D’Autray municipality by detailing the sites and scenes of this great region to potential tourists. We are making it easy for people to be able to plan their visits to D’Autray by showcasing its regional authenticity and diversity. We also aim to help holiday planners to be able to come up with suitable itineraries when visiting this vast region so that they can be able to savour all the sights and culture that D’Autray has to offer.