Secrets Behind The Craze For Saskatchewan

It is vastly normal for every human being to burn with curiosity over a strange far away destination. Well, you don’t discover anything outstanding by just sticking at the same place all the time. Wake up to something new and idiosyncratic in the charming province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

This territory features grassland covers to the southern plains and the Canadian Shield Plateau rugged rock, rivers, lakes and coniferous forests.

Suppose you are puzzled about the reasons why many tourists never seem to get enough of Saskatchewan then it is time you watch out for the following:

The Athabasca Sand Dunes

The Athabasca Sand Dunes

Tons of tourists travel several miles from all parts of the world to catch a glimpse of these beguiling Saskatchewan treasure, which are not easily identifiable for a non-dedicated tripper.

The Athabasca Sand Dunes exhibit the northerly active formations of sand dune on Earth. The demand to protect them led to the establishment of the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park.

Purple Sand Beaches

As you transverse the province of Saskatchewan, you will come across several purple sand beaches at various parts of this territory.

Some of the popular purple sand beaches include the Candle Lake, the Prince Albert National Park and the Hunter Bay. The presence of these uncommon types of beaches in the world makes Saskatchewan province one of a kind.

The Crooked Bush

The Crooked Bush

Who doesn’t like unraveling a botanical mystery? Saskatchewan attracts global attention through its crooked bushes comprising of aspen trees.

You can precisely locate this enchanting botanical mystery on the private land to the north of Hafford, situated in the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve.

Numerous rivers and lakes

A large destination is not usually considered as completely attractive without the presence of any form of water body. At least an extensive piece of land should constitute some percentage of water coverage to render it as a complete tourist attraction site. Saskatchewan comprises of approximately 12% water resulting from the presence of many rivers and lakes.

If you are a water body enthusiast, you can select your most preferred water body and partake in various outdoor activities including recreational kayaking, canoe-camping, freediving, canoeing, rafting, kitesurfing, inflatable canoeing and rabaska canoeing.

Massold Clay Canyons

Massold Clay Canyons

Winning the hearts of many adventurers as a top Sask tourist spot, Massold Clay Canyons is one of the many natural wonders in Saskatchewan you can’t afford to skip seeing. This destination is quintessentially fitting for a hiker.

Saltwater at Little Manitou Lake

The Saltwater at Little Manitou Lake is the Canada’s own Dead Sea. It is characterized by extremely high salt density waters that are incredibly unwinding.

Why You Need To Visit Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, popular as the “Birthplace of Canada”, is the smallest province in Canada. This region gives you a reason to consider a vacation with its unique blend of land and sea traditions motivated by the hypnotizing nature’s resources.

Whether you are looking to have fun or widen your knowledge scope, there is always something rewarding to indulge in. This province understands the significance of you going out for a vacation.

Prince Edward Island continues to safeguard its natural heritage by sustaining the quality of its landscape and scenery, beaches, coastal drives and nature trails. This ensures that you luxuriate in a wide selection of choices to meet your preferences.

The following are some of the reasons why a visit to Prince Edward Island is inevitable:

Malpeque Harbor

Distinctive landscape and scenery

Prince Edward Island landscapes are famed for their sheer natural beauty. Drawing significant attention is the Malpeque Harbor, which is renowned as the fishing home of the High Bank Cliffs, the Cape Bear lighthouse, Murray Harbor and the Greenwich sand dunes.

The Murray Harbor not only encourages fishing but also offers a prepossessing spot that makes it significantly appropriate for sightseeing. However, you shouldn’t forget to drop by the Prince Edward Island National Park for a chance to view or photograph the wetlands, saltmarshes and sand dunes. You can search for the best places to photograph while touring Prince Edward Island online if you are visiting this amazing area for the first time.

Cedar Dunes


Prince Edward Island hosts a number of beaches that gives you a variety of options to select. While some of these beaches are unpopular, you can indulge in several invigorating activities in any of them. Some of the available beaches to choose from during your trip in Prince Edward Island include Singing Sands, Cap-Egmont to Mont Carmel, Jacques Cartier Provincial Park, Stanhope Beach and Cavendish Beach, Off cousins Shore Road, Cedar Dunes Provincial Park and Greenwich Beach.

Suppose you are undecided about the fun activities or ideas to put to the test at your preferred beach, consider building a sandcastle, commencing a treasure hunt, practicing yoga, flying a kite, taking a nap in the sun or having a barbeque party.

The Governors Island


Prince Edward Island comprises of several islands, both isolated and occupied. What makes these islands more attractive to many tourists is the high proportion of coastal and marine areas. You can expect to come across the fascinating coastal ecosystems and continental shelves, which offer an opportune base for a gratifying tourism experience.

Some of the Islands you shouldn’t forget to set foot on include the Malpeque Bay Islands, the Bunbury Island, the Boughton Island, the Governors Island, the Conway Sand Hills, the George Island, and the Panmure Island.

Come and relish the white sand beaches in Panmure Island. Alternatively, you can refresh yourself with amusing outdoor activities such as boat tours, water sports, scuba and snorkeling, picnicking and hiking.

Coastal drives

Another irrefutable reason why you need to tour Prince Edward Island is the presence of three distinct and evidently marked coastal drives throughout the Island. These include the Central Coastal Drive, the Points East Coastal Drive and the North Cape Coastal Drive. These coastal drives provide insight into the local scenery and ecology of Prince Edward Island.

If you will be driving during your visit to this Island, don’t hesitate to pause your journey a bit to have a good time with the local residents, have picnic or even take photos to bolster your memory.