Lesser-Known Canadian Cities Worth Visiting

Being one of the largest countries in the world, Canada has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. It has diverse topographical regions ranging from mountains, lakes, forests, among others.

It also sees varying climate ranging from the cold arctic weather in northern Canada to a more temperate climate in the southern regions.

The country sees more than 16 million tourists each year with the numbers steadily on the rise.

Though most of the tourism activities are reserved for key areas such as Toronto, Niagara Falls, Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and others, there are also a lot of lesser-known cities in Canada that are a must-have addition to your travel plans.

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Though it has a dense population of over 90,000 people, the city is relatively not well-known when it comes to Canada’s tourism.

However, considering what the city has to offer, it should be a definite addition to your travel plans. Dotted with resorts, lakes, and parks, it is the ideal destination for every nature lover. You will also be able to get a chance to experience and see diverse wildlife including polar bears, burrowing owls, and much more. Though the winters are cold and snowy, the summers have a pleasant arid climate that makes it an ideal time to visit.

There are also many famous events in Kamloops including Sun Peak Winter Okanagan wine festival, and Kamloopa Pow Wow. It is an ideal destination if you want to experience the vast cultural history of Canada.


It is a quiet city that is nestled on Lake Ontario. Like Toronto, the city is also nestled on Lake Ontario. However, it is much calmer and peaceful due to the fewer number of tourists and travelers.

If you are a nature lover, Mississauga is a must-visit city when in Canada.  From amusement parks, wildlife parks, and stunning resorts, there are a lot of attractions that the city has to offer. If you want an escape from the chaotic urban life, then this is the right place for you. It also has a lot of golf parks that let visitors enjoy a calming game among stunning landscapes.

Additionally, there are a lot of festivals, exhibitions, and shows that speak to its cultural diversity.


A historic city located in British Columbia, it is famous for its role in the Cariboo Gold Rush. It has a history dating back to the 1860s where it was first discovered as a hotspot for gold mining.

The city has been recreated today for tourists while still preserving the excitement and history of gold mining. There are a number of tourist attractions and activities such as gold rush trail, Barkerville historic town and park, Cariboo River provincial park, and much more.

This is an ideal destination if you are looking for a fun-filled trip with a gist of historic significance and value.


If you want to experience the cultural and culinary diversity that Canada has to offer but want to stay away from crowded cities and places, then Edmonton is the right destination for you.

It is quickly becoming popular due to an increasing number of cultural hotspots, restaurants, and much more.

It is even competing with Calgary to become the new best destination in Alberta.

Churchill, Northern Manitoba

This list would be incomplete without mentioning the city of Churchill. Situated along the Hudson Bay, there are a large number of reasons why this city is a must-visit.

Firstly, it offers a spectacular view of the Northern Lights. Secondly, you get a chance to play with beluga whales. Yes, you heard that right! Additionally, the city is well known for its diverse wildlife, scenic landscapes, and exciting tourist activities. It is also dotted with many museums, parks, and forts, making it an ideal place for nature lovers.

With over a hundred cities in Canada, there are a lot of options to choose from if you are planning your travel. Visiting the most popular cities may not always give you the best experience. Taking some time out to research the lesser-known options can not only give you great value for money but also can ensure that you have an amazing experience during your travel.

The Top 10 Hidden Gems To Visit In Canada

Known as the largest consumer of macaroni and cheese, Canada is an ideal location to not only habitat but trot around as well. Other than the generic spots, every city has magic hidden in the strangest corners. Canada has such ten gems that should be adventured around.

EXTRA. Pure Taboo’s World

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10. Parkland Region, Manitoba

Kick start your day with relaxing around the shores of Lake Manitoba. Your wild side will come out in the Wildlife sites like Riding Mountain National Park. Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site is another visit with wooden grain elevators which had been constructed during Canada’s grain trade, on display.

9. Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Drama doesn’t just belong on the screens as this landscape will surely steal your breath away. Verdant fjords, lush meadows, rugged cliffs and alpine highlands will stay in your memory because of their beauty as if out of some Wes Anderson film. Hike around Gros Morne to sight animals like foxes, spot moose etc and make a collection of photographic memories worth showing friends over tea.

8. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

Take out the cowboy boots and trudge along the trails of this Park. Adrenaline will take your spirit to become an explorer as you can dig around the area for old fossils or just enjoy camping. You never know when you may strike gold for Palaeontology!

7. Athabasca Sand Dunes, Saskatchewan

This sandy paradise is accessible only by flying in a float plane! Lying to the South of Lake Athabasca, the sand dunes, stretching as high as 30 meters, are a treat for the eyes. Endemic flora and fauna make up the fragile environment. Guided tours are fun to take and even individual experiences with full equipment lead to enjoying this wilderness.

6. Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Nestled in the exotic waters of Lake Huron, Manitoulin Island has been titled as the largest freshwater island. Feel the exotic Native life of the first European Settlement as you walk around the soothing landscape of this spot. It’ll seem as if you’ve come to an unknown part of the world where nature has been untouched by humanity. The scenic hiking trails are a magnificent opportunity for hikers to explore. There is a diversity of flora and fauna to gaze at, art exhibits, theatre and much more do accomplish as a tourist.

5. Vulcan, Alberta

As a Star Trek fan, this town is a golden paradise. A museum dedicated to displaying the memorabilia was constructed with an imitation of the Starship Enterprise as the biggest attraction. The friendly community is always ready to welcome tourists and if nothing else you can visit the spaceship shaped tourist info centre for some friendly advice.

4. Manawan, Quebec

In terms of recreation, this is one of the best places to be in when in Canada. From staying in traditional tepee to rowing in a rabaska (canoe), there are many local things to gain experience with. Snowshoeing and fishing are other fun activities to pursue here. Educate yourself about the Atikameke culture while taking part in interactive workshops.

3. Wynyard, Saskatchewan

One of the best places around the globe for bird watching, Wynyard is a beautiful spot to explore. The Quill lakes will give perfect shots of a variety of birds flying over the water or nesting in the swamps. June makes the best time to be here with the Carnival being in the spotlight. Come gaze at the Chicken Chariot Race as you participate in something you’ll never forget.

2. Spirit Ridge, British Columbia

Osoyoos is home to this luxurious getaway at NK’MIP Resort in the sole real desert of Canada. Massage your stress away at the spa or drink it down at the winery owned by the Aboriginals. Play golf or visit the cultural centre and enjoy your much-needed vacation.

1. Sucrere De La Montagne, Quebec

Every time you bite into a pancake, the rich Maple syrup on it carries an essence of Canada. Quebec is known for producing this product in mass. This location is situated on Mont Rigaud surrounded by white snow. Tourists get to ride sleighs and wagons or engage in the fun of live music and scintillating food at Quebecois feasts.

Canada is known for its hospitality and beliefs positively different from the world. Book your tickets to be a part of a legendary experience as you stroll around some of these hidden gems to make unforgettable memories!


Why Quebec Is The Way Out For A Bon Vivant

Adjoining the province of Ontario, Hudson Bay and James Bay to the west and Ungava Bay and Hudson Strait to the north, Quebec is the place to unleash your quench for the bizarre Mother Nature amalgamated with a luxurious and sumptuous lifestyle!

This province houses a myriad of nature’s places that not only give an impressive look of nature’s magnificence but also presents a challenge on the need to conserve the environment for more sustained benefits.

Spending time in Quebec candidly gives you value for your money for the following reasons:

The Montmorency Falls

1.     Quebec is a home of beautiful falls

As a traveller who loves to spend, you definitely wouldn’t wish to get disappointed after spending loads of cash and resources visiting your points of interest. You deserve sheer satisfaction at any given time.

The Montmorency Falls allows you to climb the staircase or take a cable car. As you walk across the falls, you will realize the thrilling and alluring characteristic portrayed by every lookout point, which will always give you a reason to take out your camera and have your own share of photographic evidence. Alternately, you can make use of your high-end climbing clothing to climb the block of ice forming in front of the falls.

2.     Quebec hosts dazzling glacial valleys

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Well, appreciate yourself for being at the right place, Quebec.

This province has managed to meet the numerous needs of most adventurers seeking to indulge in outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, camping and snowshoeing.

These activities are made probable by the existing vast mountainous plateau that is crisscrossed by the deep rivers and valleys.

Magog River Gorge

3.     The attractive water bodies

Regarding water bodies, Quebec is a home to many rivers, lakes, canals, gorges and ponds including Magog River Gorge, Meech Lake, Chambly Canal, St. Lawrence River, Saguenay River and Lake Massawipi. You can choose among the dozens of the commonly played sports including sports located over water, in water or underwater.

You can choose to participate in boat racing, underwater football, swimming, water aerobics or diving off springboards. Indeed, you will most likely spend your money effectively here.

4.     The beautiful mountains

Quebec is also renowned for its beautiful mountains that allow for several invigorating outdoor fun.

Come out of your comfort zone and take part in the exhilarating mountain biking, kayaking, ice skating, dog sledding and whale watching available at the Laurentian Mountains. Also, you can opt for other alternative destinations in Quebec such as Mont Orford, Attitude Montagne, Aventures Neige, Lac Monroe and Mont Hereford.

Still left with some money to spend on spellbinding adventure? Find out the secrets behind the craze for Saskatchewan.

Secrets Behind The Craze For Saskatchewan

It is vastly normal for every human being to burn with curiosity over a strange far away destination. Well, you don’t discover anything outstanding by just sticking at the same place all the time. Wake up to something new and idiosyncratic in the charming province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

This territory features grassland covers to the southern plains and the Canadian Shield Plateau rugged rock, rivers, lakes and coniferous forests.

Suppose you are puzzled about the reasons why many tourists never seem to get enough of Saskatchewan then it is time you watch out for the following:

The Athabasca Sand Dunes

The Athabasca Sand Dunes

Tons of tourists travel several miles from all parts of the world to catch a glimpse of these beguiling Saskatchewan treasure, which are not easily identifiable for a non-dedicated tripper.

The Athabasca Sand Dunes exhibit the northerly active formations of sand dune on Earth. The demand to protect them led to the establishment of the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park.

Purple Sand Beaches

As you transverse the province of Saskatchewan, you will come across several purple sand beaches at various parts of this territory.

Some of the popular purple sand beaches include the Candle Lake, the Prince Albert National Park and the Hunter Bay. The presence of these uncommon types of beaches in the world makes Saskatchewan province one of a kind.

The Crooked Bush

The Crooked Bush

Who doesn’t like unraveling a botanical mystery? Saskatchewan attracts global attention through its crooked bushes comprising of aspen trees.

You can precisely locate this enchanting botanical mystery on the private land to the north of Hafford, situated in the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve.

Numerous rivers and lakes

A large destination is not usually considered as completely attractive without the presence of any form of water body. At least an extensive piece of land should constitute some percentage of water coverage to render it as a complete tourist attraction site. Saskatchewan comprises of approximately 12% water resulting from the presence of many rivers and lakes.

If you are a water body enthusiast, you can select your most preferred water body and partake in various outdoor activities including recreational kayaking, canoe-camping, freediving, canoeing, rafting, kitesurfing, inflatable canoeing and rabaska canoeing.

Massold Clay Canyons

Massold Clay Canyons

Winning the hearts of many adventurers as a top Sask tourist spot, Massold Clay Canyons is one of the many natural wonders in Saskatchewan you can’t afford to skip seeing. This destination is quintessentially fitting for a hiker.

Saltwater at Little Manitou Lake

The Saltwater at Little Manitou Lake is the Canada’s own Dead Sea. It is characterized by extremely high salt density waters that are incredibly unwinding.

Watch Out For These Spectacular Destinations In Yukon

If you have been wondering why you need a vacation then it is time you ask yourself why many medical practitioners or accomplished medical centers usually organize or recommend a retreat for their recovering patients. You can also ask yourself why almost all employers all over the globe offer their employees time off.

From refreshing your mind to reducing stress, vacationing can significantly help you recover from an adversely preoccupied mind and bring back the exuberance in you.

It is time you schedule your vacation to Yukon, a beguiling, wild and mountainous territory in the northwest Canada.

The following are the three spectacular destinations you undoubtedly should include in your bucket list:

The rushing whitewater of the Yukon River made it extremely difficult to move boats through this river

Miles Canyon

Not afraid of heights? Then it is time you take your liking for nature exploration to another level. Yukon invites you to watch out for the Miles Canyon, a package of rocks including various exposures of cones and lava flows, which erupted and subsequently flowed across the ancient pre-glacial landscape of this territory.

Miles Canyon is famous for its difficult access, especially for the gold seekers, who were unable to cope up with the challenge of crossing or navigating it. The rushing whitewater of the Yukon River made it extremely difficult to move boats through this river.

However, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll manage to get a glimpse of this amazing part of nature with the protruding rushing waters. You will be treated to a somewhat calmer river, instigated by the presence of a hydroelectric dam that tends to slow down the speed of flowing water.

Furthermore, there is a suspension bridge constructed to join the two 50-foot canyon sides to help you enjoy an incredible sight of the canyon. As a supplement, you can consider trying out some fun activities nearby including mountain biking, cross-country skiing and hiking as you watch various kinds of wildlife.

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake adds up to your list of a-must-visit natural attractions. This lake is situated in Yoho National Park and surrounded by the Wapta Mountain, Mount Burgess and the mountains of the President Range. Emerald Lake is known to cause heavy snowfalls in winter and frequent rain in summer.

You should visit this place between November and June if you intend to experience freezing of this lake caused by its high altitude. However, keep in mind that appropriate heavy clothing is imperative for your health as the temperature is extremely low during this season. Afterwards, you can serve yourself with truly picturesque photos enjoying an amazing background made up of the mountain range and powerful green water.

Takhini Hot Springs gives you a potent reason to holiday in Yukon

Takhini Hot Springs

Located ideally outside the Whitehorse’s border, Takhini Hot Springs gives you a potent reason to holiday in Yukon. It is the solution to the fear of subjecting your body to cold water. This spring proffers you a delightful experience of going natural. No need of worrying about hot showers or a Jacuzzi anymore during your stay in this alluring destination.

The enchanting natural hot springs got your back. Come here and luxuriate in a series of naturally manifesting mineral hot pools. The location on 200 acres of land makes things more adventurers for you as you can indulge in other invigorating outdoor activities such as cross country skis or strolls.

Suppose you still have the urge to visit another fascinating territory in Canada, there are many reasons to visit Prince Edward Island.

Why You Need To Visit Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, popular as the “Birthplace of Canada”, is the smallest province in Canada. This region gives you a reason to consider a vacation with its unique blend of land and sea traditions motivated by the hypnotizing nature’s resources.

Whether you are looking to have fun or widen your knowledge scope, there is always something rewarding to indulge in. This province understands the significance of you going out for a vacation.

Prince Edward Island continues to safeguard its natural heritage by sustaining the quality of its landscape and scenery, beaches, coastal drives and nature trails. This ensures that you luxuriate in a wide selection of choices to meet your preferences.

The following are some of the reasons why a visit to Prince Edward Island is inevitable:

Malpeque Harbor

Distinctive landscape and scenery

Prince Edward Island landscapes are famed for their sheer natural beauty. Drawing significant attention is the Malpeque Harbor, which is renowned as the fishing home of the High Bank Cliffs, the Cape Bear lighthouse, Murray Harbor and the Greenwich sand dunes.

The Murray Harbor not only encourages fishing but also offers a prepossessing spot that makes it significantly appropriate for sightseeing. However, you shouldn’t forget to drop by the Prince Edward Island National Park for a chance to view or photograph the wetlands, saltmarshes and sand dunes. You can search for the best places to photograph while touring Prince Edward Island online if you are visiting this amazing area for the first time.

Cedar Dunes


Prince Edward Island hosts a number of beaches that gives you a variety of options to select. While some of these beaches are unpopular, you can indulge in several invigorating activities in any of them. Some of the available beaches to choose from during your trip in Prince Edward Island include Singing Sands, Cap-Egmont to Mont Carmel, Jacques Cartier Provincial Park, Stanhope Beach and Cavendish Beach, Off cousins Shore Road, Cedar Dunes Provincial Park and Greenwich Beach.

Suppose you are undecided about the fun activities or ideas to put to the test at your preferred beach, consider building a sandcastle, commencing a treasure hunt, practicing yoga, flying a kite, taking a nap in the sun or having a barbeque party.

The Governors Island


Prince Edward Island comprises of several islands, both isolated and occupied. What makes these islands more attractive to many tourists is the high proportion of coastal and marine areas. You can expect to come across the fascinating coastal ecosystems and continental shelves, which offer an opportune base for a gratifying tourism experience.

Some of the Islands you shouldn’t forget to set foot on include the Malpeque Bay Islands, the Bunbury Island, the Boughton Island, the Governors Island, the Conway Sand Hills, the George Island, and the Panmure Island.

Come and relish the white sand beaches in Panmure Island. Alternatively, you can refresh yourself with amusing outdoor activities such as boat tours, water sports, scuba and snorkeling, picnicking and hiking.

Coastal drives

Another irrefutable reason why you need to tour Prince Edward Island is the presence of three distinct and evidently marked coastal drives throughout the Island. These include the Central Coastal Drive, the Points East Coastal Drive and the North Cape Coastal Drive. These coastal drives provide insight into the local scenery and ecology of Prince Edward Island.

If you will be driving during your visit to this Island, don’t hesitate to pause your journey a bit to have a good time with the local residents, have picnic or even take photos to bolster your memory.

New Brunswick – The Answer To Your Vacation Demands

This province is a home to tons of natural attractions

Is your time off or planned expedition approaching in a little while and you are uncertain about the opportune destination to spend time in with your loved one? Or are you just thinking of getting away from your nerve-racking appointments? There is no cause for alarm – New Brunswick got you covered. This province is a home to tons of natural attractions that will truly appeal to your interests, travel styles and budget.

Rarely recognized by some tourists yet considered as one of the most fascinating natural destinations in New Brunswick, Canada, the Bay of Fundy boasts its tides that are considered as the highest in the globe. Its tides are approximately 19 meters deep and occur twice on a daily basis. The rushing waters have subsequently resulted in the carving of a coastline exhibited by sea caves, incredible rock mountains and cliffs. Furthermore, the rising and falling of the rushing waters have led to the formation of natural phenomena such as the Saint John’s famous Reversing Falls and the Moncton’s tidal bore.

This is the best place to come and perceive the significance of high tides.

The Hopewell Rocks also top the list of best natural attractions in Canada.

The Hopewell Rocks also top the list of best natural attractions in Canada. They are esteemed as the pride of New Brunswick. They tend to give different appearances with a shift in the magnitude of tides. Typically, when the tide is in, these rocks resemble tree-clad islands that you are able to see from a succession of platforms that are associated with stairs. When the tide is low, these rocks assume a giant look with deeply-eroded sea stacks towering over a rocky beach making it possible for you to climb down the stairs to the ocean floor and walk among them. During the high tide, you can kayak among these rocks on a guided kayak excursion.

Another destination worth considering during your trip to New Brunswick is the St. John River. It is at the mouth of this river that you will notice a unique phenomenon characterized by reversing falls. 4m below this river is the sea level. This usually occurs at low tide. On the other hand, the shift of the sea level to 4m above the river is characterized by a high tide. The rising of the tide is characterized by a significantly high speed and strength that compels the water back into the river’s mouth resulting in a backward flow. A waterfall subsequently results following the forcing of the water to rush via the narrow gorge at the top of the harbor over a ridge of rock. You can enjoy the best views at the Skywalk Saint John and at the Reversing Falls Bridge.

The Fundy Trail Parkway

Having enjoyed a majority of the above listed destinations, you can sum up your trip by discovering the secrets behind the Fundy Trail Parkway.

This scenic coastal drive is located to the northeast of Saint John and provides views of isolated beaches, coastal cliffs, a Flowerpot Rock and marine wildlife. You can access the Fundy Trail Parkway from the Village of St. Martins hosting two covered bridges.

In the event you wish to explore more of Canada or New Brunswick hasn’t offered you all the excitement and satisfaction you are looking for or, do not worry.

Newfoundland and Labrador is another ideal tourist destination in Canada that could match up to your vacation needs.