New Brunswick – The Answer To Your Vacation Demands

This province is a home to tons of natural attractions

Is your time off or planned expedition approaching in a little while and you are uncertain about the opportune destination to spend time in with your loved one? Or are you just thinking of getting away from your nerve-racking appointments? There is no cause for alarm – New Brunswick got you covered. This province is a home to tons of natural attractions that will truly appeal to your interests, travel styles and budget.

Rarely recognized by some tourists yet considered as one of the most fascinating natural destinations in New Brunswick, Canada, the Bay of Fundy boasts its tides that are considered as the highest in the globe. Its tides are approximately 19 meters deep and occur twice on a daily basis. The rushing waters have subsequently resulted in the carving of a coastline exhibited by sea caves, incredible rock mountains and cliffs. Furthermore, the rising and falling of the rushing waters have led to the formation of natural phenomena such as the Saint John’s famous Reversing Falls and the Moncton’s tidal bore.

This is the best place to come and perceive the significance of high tides.

The Hopewell Rocks also top the list of best natural attractions in Canada.

The Hopewell Rocks also top the list of best natural attractions in Canada. They are esteemed as the pride of New Brunswick. They tend to give different appearances with a shift in the magnitude of tides. Typically, when the tide is in, these rocks resemble tree-clad islands that you are able to see from a succession of platforms that are associated with stairs. When the tide is low, these rocks assume a giant look with deeply-eroded sea stacks towering over a rocky beach making it possible for you to climb down the stairs to the ocean floor and walk among them. During the high tide, you can kayak among these rocks on a guided kayak excursion.

Another destination worth considering during your trip to New Brunswick is the St. John River. It is at the mouth of this river that you will notice a unique phenomenon characterized by reversing falls. 4m below this river is the sea level. This usually occurs at low tide. On the other hand, the shift of the sea level to 4m above the river is characterized by a high tide. The rising of the tide is characterized by a significantly high speed and strength that compels the water back into the river’s mouth resulting in a backward flow. A waterfall subsequently results following the forcing of the water to rush via the narrow gorge at the top of the harbor over a ridge of rock. You can enjoy the best views at the Skywalk Saint John and at the Reversing Falls Bridge.

The Fundy Trail Parkway

Having enjoyed a majority of the above listed destinations, you can sum up your trip by discovering the secrets behind the Fundy Trail Parkway.

This scenic coastal drive is located to the northeast of Saint John and provides views of isolated beaches, coastal cliffs, a Flowerpot Rock and marine wildlife. You can access the Fundy Trail Parkway from the Village of St. Martins hosting two covered bridges.

In the event you wish to explore more of Canada or New Brunswick hasn’t offered you all the excitement and satisfaction you are looking for or, do not worry.

Newfoundland and Labrador is another ideal tourist destination in Canada that could match up to your vacation needs.

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