Why Quebec Is The Way Out For A Bon Vivant

Adjoining the province of Ontario, Hudson Bay and James Bay to the west and Ungava Bay and Hudson Strait to the north, Quebec is the place to unleash your quench for the bizarre Mother Nature amalgamated with a luxurious and sumptuous lifestyle!

This province houses a myriad of nature’s places that not only give an impressive look of nature’s magnificence but also presents a challenge on the need to conserve the environment for more sustained benefits.

Spending time in Quebec candidly gives you value for your money for the following reasons:

The Montmorency Falls

1.     Quebec is a home of beautiful falls

As a traveller who loves to spend, you definitely wouldn’t wish to get disappointed after spending loads of cash and resources visiting your points of interest. You deserve sheer satisfaction at any given time.

The Montmorency Falls allows you to climb the staircase or take a cable car. As you walk across the falls, you will realize the thrilling and alluring characteristic portrayed by every lookout point, which will always give you a reason to take out your camera and have your own share of photographic evidence. Alternately, you can make use of your high-end climbing clothing to climb the block of ice forming in front of the falls.

2.     Quebec hosts dazzling glacial valleys

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Well, appreciate yourself for being at the right place, Quebec.

This province has managed to meet the numerous needs of most adventurers seeking to indulge in outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, camping and snowshoeing.

These activities are made probable by the existing vast mountainous plateau that is crisscrossed by the deep rivers and valleys.

Magog River Gorge

3.     The attractive water bodies

Regarding water bodies, Quebec is a home to many rivers, lakes, canals, gorges and ponds including Magog River Gorge, Meech Lake, Chambly Canal, St. Lawrence River, Saguenay River and Lake Massawipi. You can choose among the dozens of the commonly played sports including sports located over water, in water or underwater.

You can choose to participate in boat racing, underwater football, swimming, water aerobics or diving off springboards. Indeed, you will most likely spend your money effectively here.

4.     The beautiful mountains

Quebec is also renowned for its beautiful mountains that allow for several invigorating outdoor fun.

Come out of your comfort zone and take part in the exhilarating mountain biking, kayaking, ice skating, dog sledding and whale watching available at the Laurentian Mountains. Also, you can opt for other alternative destinations in Quebec such as Mont Orford, Attitude Montagne, Aventures Neige, Lac Monroe and Mont Hereford.

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