Newfoundland And Labrador – The Ideal Destination In Canada You Have Been Looking For

A new adventure awaits you at the Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Located in the Atlantic region of Canada, this region constitutes the mainland Labrador and the island Newfoundland.

Newfoundland and Labrador is characterized by a rugged scenic beauty. Its varied landscape is attributed to the shaping by the ice ages that left sharp coastal cliffs, snacking fiords, lakes, gentle valleys and moorland.

The following are some of the beguiling destinations you can’t afford to miss out on during your trip in Newfoundland and Labrador:

Western Brook Pond

Western Brook Pond, situated in the Gros Morne National Park, covers an approximate length of 10 miles. This body of still water is an exemplary showpiece of nature’s aptitude. Apart from the fascinating exhibition of an ultraoligotrophic lake, Western Brook Pond gives you a chance to set your eyes on the enchanting surrounding featuring steep rock walls of about 2,000 ft. high and thin soil igneous rock that form this body’s catchment area.

You can extend your tour to the numerous adjoining waterfalls, which cascade from the plateau overhead. This can be a perfect opportunity for you to catch a sight of one of the highest falls in eastern North America, the Pissing Mare Falls.

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

Containing the Mistaken Point Formation, the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve is an area comprising of land existing in a natural state with minimal impacts from human activities.

The Mistaken Point Formation is usually the site of Ediacaran fossils and represents the Earth’s oldest multicellular life.

The Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve is suitable, especially for a geology fanatic. Come and explore this amazing ecological reserve!

Gander Lake

Gander Lake is situated in the middle part of the Canadian island. It is accessible via a small, quarry-cut, artificial harbor.

Gander Lake adjoins two pebble beaches that are accessible from the dirt roads encompassing the cove.

You can access the sand and pebble beaches running along the sides of the lake effortlessly through the use of a boat. However, don’t forget to visit the Denty’s Pit and the Hunt’s Cove.

Fogo Island

Are you an outdoor adventurer or a cultural explorer? Well, Fogo Island is the perfect stand-out destination you have always anticipated for. From ancient and contemporary art to proficiently-designed architecture, there are lots of amazing opportunities to uphold your visit in this region.

Fogo Island is a home to lush forest, sea-cliff footpaths and bright-colored clapboard houses. Get a chance to enjoy a ride in a ferry on your journey to this astonishing island.


Twillingate is a small, colorful fishing town situated in Twillingate Island. It is famed for the its spellbinding scenery that exhibits a beguiling iceberg.

This is the place to consider taking your craze for adventure a notch higher. The water body of this region is providential for the survival of whales hence ideal for the whale watchers.

You can also enjoy your day strolling along the beach either alone or in the company of your loved one, friends or family members.