Uncertain About The Place To Visit In Canada This Year? Try Alberta

Famed as the fourth-most popular province in Canada, Alberta hosts numerous lakes and rich mineral deposits that exhibit its richness regarding the quantity of natural resources.

The enchanting landscapes that surround prairies, mountains, vast coniferous forests and desert badlands make this region fascinating for any explorer or sightseer.

The following are some of the destinations to watch out for during your trip in Alberta:

Abraham Lake

Do you have a penchant for taking snapshots? Or are you planning for a field study with your colleagues? Well, Abraham Lake offers you the quintessential setting to have ceaseless fun while imparting yourself with requisite knowledge about nature. This lake is renowned for the plunging temperatures during winter as well as the ethereal formation. Also common are numerous bubbles that stream upward and subsequently freeze fast in the ice. This freezing process results in the formation of a hard-frozen lake top comprising of suspended constellations of glassy orbs underfoot, which presents an attractive sight that prevails to blow your mind during summer.

Maligne Canyon

From waterfall views and lush green trees in summer to massive ice formations in winter, there is more to keep your eyes engaged. Maligne Canyon is situated in the Jasper National Park existing as a result of the Palliser Formation, and measures more than 160ft deep.

If you are thinking of visiting Alberta, Canada, then this is a must include destination in your bucket list. Come and experience the characteristics of Karst topography first hand in this region!

Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls gives you an opportunity to see by yourself the impact of strong and fast-flowing water – the apparent appearance of potholes says it all. This waterfall is categorized as class 5 waterfall.

You can always view this fall from the trails. It is advisable not to insist on having a clear look as this may put you at risk of sliding or suffering dire consequences.

Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake is the perfect destination for an explorer who fancies the delight of watching.

Situated in the Jasper National Park, this Lake is renowned for its crystal clear water, picturesque Spirit Island and the towering glaciers.

You can observe the sights within and around Maligne Lake with ease through the use of Kayaks or cruise, which are incredibly thrilling outdoor activities.

Two Jack Lake

Existing on the eastern end of Lake Minnewanka and north of Banff, Two Jack Lake features an eye-catching purple and pink sunsets that are ideal for photography as well as capturing the great time lapses. You can relish the majesty of this fascinating water body through hiking the shore-side trails, trying your hand at cross-country skiing or taking a drive around this lake. Moreover, there are campgrounds to the south and east of this lake for those who fancy spending some days unwinding outdoors.